Glinda Arduenna (popular_likeme) wrote,
Glinda Arduenna


Well, it looks like I'm back. I hope I didn’t miss too much in three months.

Suigintou... If you still want to stay with me, I'd love it if you came home tomorrow.


Elphaba... I have something to give you. ... From Fiyero.


{ooc: Okay, so I have no willpower and it’s only been four days, but… Please to be welcoming Glinda back~ She's been gone from the City for four days, but she was home in Oz for what seemed to her like three months... ish. Gonna go with that.

I had originally pulled her out for a bit just to give my muse a rest because I was losing it and my grasp on her. But I couldn’t stand not having her around. So. I'm trying to bring back a less emo/sad/whiny Glin, because that's what it seemed like she was turning into and I didn’t like it. Ummm, enjoy~? ♥ }
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