Glinda Arduenna (popular_likeme) wrote,
Glinda Arduenna


[Private to Sui;]

... Suigintou?

Would you mind going to stay with your sister for a few days? I'm... not feeling well, and you should be with someone who can take care of you.

[/Private to Sui]

{ooc: Alright... Um. Glin will be going on a small hiatus of her own. A... weekish? Maybe longer, if I see fit. She's getting away from me, and I need to pull her out for a bit. She'll be back as soon as I fix her. So, she'll be... home, in Oz, until then. Mhmm. Feel free to notice her disappearance, aaaaaand, if her presence is absolutely required, IM me, and let me know. :D }
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