Questioning myself more than you


Tayuya, I can't find her anywhere.

I woke up this morning, and she was gone. I swear, I've looked everywhere, Tayuya. All day, and I can't...

Ananova, I'm sorry, but I might be late... If I come at all.
Matter of fact


Greed... I'm so glad you're feeling better and that you didn't mean anything you said.

How is everyone? Evey, Anita, Elena... ?

Suigintou... You've been keeping to yourself for awhile. Is everything alright?

Oh, and Ananova. Would you like to have tea again sometime? I believe it is my turn to host...
Stand up and fight


I am sick of this City.

I am sick of the curses, and of everyone dying, of mothers losing their children, and I'm sick of you.

What I wouldn't give to go home right now.
Matter of fact


Has anyone seen Elphaba? It seems like every time I track her down, she disappears on me again. She never was one to be tied down or stay in one place...

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Three days back, and it already feels more like home than I think Oz ever will. Especially after that welcome back...
Matter of fact


Well, it looks like I'm back. I hope I didn’t miss too much in three months.

Suigintou... If you still want to stay with me, I'd love it if you came home tomorrow.

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Matter of fact


I am not getting dressed today.

Do you know how hard it is to look this good every day? Most of the dresses I wear have at least four layers. Undergarments, petticoats, corsets... Don't even get me started on how hard corsets are to get on, let alone, off.

I'm going to be naked in bed all day.

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Matter of fact


It hurts. Everything hurts. My head, my eyes, my stomach... Everything.

Please stop asking questions. You’re too loud. And the lights are too bright...

... That’s really none of your business.

Go away.

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